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How Do You Hoagie?

Whether you throw the whole kitchen pantry on your hoagie or stay with the tried and true pizza sauce and cheese, there's no wrong way to enjoy your classic beef hoagie.

Original Beef Patties

JTM's original square beef patties are made from fresh ground beef and lightly seasoned for that unique taste that generations have come to know and love.

Philly's for the Whole Family

JTM has perfected the art of the Philly Cheese Steak and packed it in an easy-to-prepare kit that makes four delicious sandwiches.

JTM’s Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Kit

Create your Philly in less than 15 minutes - just bake the East Coast buns, cook up the pre-sliced beef or chicken steaks, sauté the onions and melt the cheese on top. Turn up the flavor with your own favorite toppings or stick to the classic original for a quick and delicious meal anytime, anywhere.