Number of Servings

Ingredients: Quantity:
JTM Breakfast Burrito Fillling 5.0 lbs.
USDA Shredded Cheddar Cheese (100012) 1.5 lbs.
USDA WGR 8'' Tortillas (110394) 50 each

Prep Time: 40 min.     Yields: 50
Desired Yield:



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Meatless Breakfast Quesadilla

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1. Heat JTM Breakfast Burrito filling to an internal temperature of 165F or higher (HACCP) and hold at 145F or higher (HACCP) until ready for service.


1. Lay tortilla flat .

2. Portion 2.25 oz. (by weight) (#16 scoop) of breakfast filling over the bottom half of each tortilla leaving a 1/2" border around the edges

3. Sprinkle 0.5 oz. of shredded cheddar cheese over breakfast filing.

4. Fold the tortilla in 1/2 pressing lightly and arrange on a full sheet pan with parchment paper .

5. Bake for 5 to 7 minutes in a 350*F oven to crisp tortilla and melt cheese.

1 quesadilla provides: 1.0 oz. M/MA + 1.5 oz. Grain Equivalent (lunch) or 2.5 oz. Grain Equivalent (breakfast).

Nutritional information is based on calculations from various databases. The information is believed to be accurate, but does not constitute a guarantee.