Number of Servings

Ingredients: Quantity:
Bratwurst 20 each
Butter, unsalted, melted 10 oz
JTM Beer Cheese Dip 5 lbs
JTM Pretzel Sticks 20 each
Sauerkraut 2.5 lbs

Prep Time: 45 min.     Yields: 20
Desired Yield:



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Bierhaus Bratwurst

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Heat JTM Beer Cheese Dip - Steam Kettle/Tilt Skillet (From Frozen):

1) Place unopened pouch in boiling water

2) Heat for approximately 45 minutes to an internal temperature of 145F (HACCP Critical Control Point - 145F for 15 seconds)

3) Once the product reaches recommended temp., place on serving line or warmer (HACCP Critical Control Point - 145F or higher) until ready to use

4) Open the bag carefully to avoid being burned.

5) Pre heat Flat top/ Griddle to 350F; Pre heat Convection oven to 350F.

6) Slice JTM Pretzel Sticks lengthwise to form a pocket. ( Do not cut all the way through) brush

top of the Pretzel with .5 oz of melted butter.


1 . Cook Bratwurst on the Flat top or Griddle for 5-7 minutes or until product is caramelized and reaches internal temperature of 165F. Hold hot @ 140F until ready to assemble.

2. Bake JTM Pretzel Stick in the oven for 4-6 minutes.

3. Heat Sauerkraut on the flat top/ griddle for 3-4 minutes.

4. Place Bratwurst on JTM Pretzel bun, top with 2 oz of Sauerkraut, 4 oz of JTM Beer Cheese Dip. Serve Immediately.