Number of Servings

Ingredients: Quantity:
JTM Teriyaki Sauce 5.0 lbs.
Shredded Carrots 2.0 lbs.
USDA Chicken Strips (100117) 10 lbs.
USDA Cooked Brown Rice (100499) 40 cups
USDA Steamed Broccoli (110282) 2.75 lbs.

Prep Time: 35 min.     Yields: 80
Desired Yield:



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Teriyaki Chicken and Rice

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1. Heat JTM Asian Base Sauce (HACCP Control Point 145F or Higher) and hold hot.

2. Heat Chicken in oven (325*F for 15 min. and reserve)

3. Steam broccoli for 3-5 min. and reserve

3. Cook rice (see operational heating instructions) and hold hot.

4. In a full size hotel pan, blend asian teriyaki sauce and chicken

5. Portion steamed broccoli and carrots over chicken in sauce

-Yields 80 servings in total

-3.0 oz. serving by weight or 3/8 cup (#10 scoop) by volume of chicken and sauce served over 1/2 cup cooked brown rice and topped with 1/4 cup shredded carrots and broccoli.

-Provides: 2.0 oz. M/MA + 1/8 cup R/O vegetables + 1/4 cup Dark Green vegetables +1.0 oz. Grain Equivalent

Nutritional information is based on calculations from various databases. The information is believed to be accurate, but does not constitute a guarantee.