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Providing Students with Great-Tasting and Healthy Menu Solutions!

Respected as a leader in the School Food Service industry, JTM offers schools a broad selection of better-tasting, healthier, fully cooked menu solutions that are easy to use and unmatched in the industry. JTM utilizes USDA commodities including beef, pork, turkey and cheese products to create kid-friendly flavor profiles, which translates into more participation from students in your school lunch program.

At JTM, we understand how difficult it can be to get students to eat what’s good for them, rather than what simply tastes good. That’s why the culinary team at JTM is focused on creating products that are not only healthier but also deliver the same great flavor kids expect. With our “Weigh Better” and “Assault on Sodium” products, JTM has addressed the dietary needs for reducing and/or eliminating sodium and fat levels in its entrées and increasing whole-grain offerings.

Let us partner with you to show you how our better-tasting, healthier foods; excellent service; and marketing concepts deliver an increase in daily participation for your school lunch program.

Great Dishes. Happier, Healthier Students. Better Results. JTM and You.